No-Bake Cream Pie

This no bake whipped cream pie is a family favorite dessert around our house. It is also very quick to make and calls for very few ingredients. The plain biscuits dipped in coffee, makes this pie even more delicious. The hardest part about making this pie is waiting for it to set in the freezer!


No bake whipped cream pie-very quick to make and calls for very few ingredients. #nobakepie #nobake #icecreampie #deliciousdessert @thesaltandsweet





  1. In a large bowl, combine whipped cream, table cream and condensed milk.
  2. Hand whisk until smooth and creamy- set aside.
  3. In a small pot, boil water and coffee and-set aside
  4. In a large tray- The tray that I use is 11″ x 8″ x 2″:
    1. Spread half of the whipped cream mixture.
    2. Dip biscuits in coffee and line them up on top of the whipped cream ( each one at a time).
    3. Spread another layer (the rest of whipped mixture) on top of the biscuits.


  1. Garnish with chocolate of your choice, I use Hershey’s milk chocolate grated on a cheese grater
  2.  Put it in the freezer until firm- About 1 hour
  3. Serve and enjoy! Goes well with coffee 😉


  • If you are a coffee lover, you can brew your self a pot of coffee and use some for biscuit dipping. Make sure to leave coffee black.
  • If you don’t have a coffee maker, you can boil 3 tbsp of coffee with one cup of water in a small pot
  • You can make your own whipped cream (The powdered packs).
  • Always keep left over in the freezer.

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