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Lebanese Zucchini Stew- Mnazaleh

Lebanese Zucchini Stew, also known as Mnazaleh in Arabic is a Middle Eastern- Lebanese inspired dish. Lebanese Zucchini Stew is healthy and full of flavor. Enjoy a warm bowl of this comforting stew on its own or with some toasted bread. Zucchini Stew- Mnazaleh Recipe This Lebanese Zucchini Stew is easy to make. It’s made […]

Lebanese Kafta Stew

It’s stew time and what better way to start off the cooler weather then with this hearty Lebanese Kafta Stew. Perfect Kafta balls stewed in a rich tomato sauce filled with potatoes and served over Lebanese rice. So good it will become a new dinner favorite! Lebanese Kafta Stew Who doesn’t love stew? And when […]

Lebanese Spinach Stew

Lebanese Spinach Stew– fresh spinach sautéed with garlic, onions and a perfectly spiced ground beef mixture. This simple Lebanese spinach stew is also known as Sabanekh w Riz in Arabic– which translates to spinach and rice. One of my favorite Lebanese Stews that I can quickly whip up when short on time or when I need […]

Lebanese Moussaka- Eggplant Chickpea Stew

If you’re looking for a quick vegetarian eggplant recipe, this is the right place for you! Lebanese Moussaka is easy to make, healthy, and perfect for the whole family! What is Lebanese Moussaka? Lebanese Moussaka is a popular Middle Eastern eggplant chickpea stew, also known as Maghmour, Msakaa, Musakaa or Moussaka Batinjan; Batinjan translates to […]

Lebanese Beef and Green Bean Stew

Lebanese Beef and Green Bean Stew is one of the many traditional Lebanese stews that you are going to LOVE! Perfectly spiced beef chunks with tender green beans, onions and garlic, all braised in a hearty tomato sauce. This Lebanese Beef and Green Bean Stew has such a delicious rich flavor- A perfect comforting fall […]

Lebanese Beef Pilaf with Chickpeas

This Lebanese Beef Pilaf with Chickpeas dish, also known as Riz b Hummus in Arabic, is made with flavored ground beef, onions, medium grain rice and cooked chickpeas. It’s a quick, easy-to-make one pot meal the whole family will love! Lebanese Beef Pilaf with Chickpeas- Riz b Hummus This Lebanese Beef and Rice Pilaf with […]

Lebanese Ful Medames

Lebanese Ful Medames also known as Foul Medames or Foul Mudamas is a popular Middle Eastern savory breakfast dish that’s made with cooked fava beans, topped with a garlic lemon dressing, and served with fresh vegetables and pita bread. Lebanese Ful Medames makes for a healthy vegetarian  Lebanese breakfast that is full of flavor. This […]

Lebanese Rice

Lebanese Rice also called riz bi sha’riyeh in Arabic, is a simple vegan side dish that complements many Lebanese and Middle Eastern recipe. That’s why I wanted to dedicate a post on how to make Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli. This easy to make rice pilaf is super fluffy and versatile. Lebanese Rice Although making rice is […]

Beef Stew with Lima Beans

Beef Stew with Lima Beans is a very popular Lebanese dish. This Lebanese Lima bean stew is a great one pot meal that is full of flavor. It is made with simple ingredients and requires minimal prep which make it perfect for a family weeknight meal. Beef Stew with Lima Beans Stew is always a […]

Lebanese Fattoush Salad

Lebanese Fattoush Salad combines all of my favorite fresh vegetables in one delicious bowl. The toasted pita bread adds some crunchy contrast and the generous dash of sumac spice gives Fattoush its distinctly awesome flavor. Fattoush Lebanese Salad: There are two types of people in the world; Fattoush salad people and Tabbouleh salad people. These […]

Peas and Carrots Stew (Bazella w Riz)

This Lebanese Peas and Carrots Stew also known as Bazella w Riz is a hearty stew that is easy to prepare. It is made with beef, carrots, peas and garlic, all simmered in a rich tomato sauce. It is also known as Bazella w Riz (peas and rice) in Arabic because it is always served over Lebanese rice. […]

Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini- Kousa

Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini also known as Kousa Mahshi is a one of my favorite Lebanese comfort foods. In this dish, zucchini is cored and stuffed with a perfect spiced ground beef and rice mixture, then simmered with a rich tomato sauce which gives it tons of flavor.  Kousa Mahshi Recipe Lebanese Stuffed zucchini is a […]


Makloubeh– also known as Makloubi, Maqlooba, Maqluba, or Maqlouba is a popular dish in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Makloubeh translates to “upside down” in Arabic because it combines layers of stewed beef, roasted eggplants, tomatoes and rice, cooked to perfection and then flipped directly from the pot onto a serving plate and topped with […]

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