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father's day dinner ideas

20 Father’s Dinner Ideas

The best way to treat dad on Father’s Day is to cook an epic spread of his favorite dishes. So if you are wondering what to make for Father’s Day, then you have come to the right place.

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The Best Pumpkin Roll Recipe

This Easy Pumpkin Roll Recipe is a classic fall dessert. Spiced pumpkin cake is rolled up with the best cream cheese frosting inside. It’s beautiful, delicious, and easy to make.

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scrambled eggs with leeks

Scrambled Eggs with Leeks

Healthy Scrambled Eggs with Leeks is a delicious breakfast or easy dinner that is ready in no time! The best egg scramble loaded with healthy Leeks which add a unique sweet, and mild oniony flavor!

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Lebanese Cabbage Salad

A delicious, crunchy Lebanese Cabbage Salad, also known as Malfouf Salad in Arabic. Think of it as the Lebanese version of Coleslaw– minus the mayo dressing.

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Arayes Kafta

Arayes Kafta is a popular Middle Eastern kafta stuffed pita sandwiches- that makes for a quick, delicious and flavorful lunch or dinner.

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Lebanese Peas and Carrots Stew

This Lebanese Peas and Carrots Stew also known as Bazella w Riz is a hearty stew that is easy to prepare. It is made with beef, carrots, peas and garlic, all simmered in a rich tomato sauce.

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